• Last TSA work session before Regionals is Saturday, February 15th from 9AM to 3PM
  • Pre sales for yearbooks will last through 2/14. Order yours in Room E102 or at www.balfour.com.
  • Boys & Girls Soccer Games every Tuesday & Friday! Tickets are only $2 each!!
  • CJA is selling Chick-fil-A! Cost is $6. You get a sandwich, chips and sweet tea on Valentine’s Day
  • SLC Sells Cookies Every Tuesday! 2 for $1
Victoria Manzanares
If a Charmander light goes out it will die. Yet, even when its about to go out it'll do everything to prevent it doing so. Charmander always turns out okay, just like you. Your light isn't out even if it gets dim.

Victoria Manzanares, Yearbook Staff

Victoria Manzanares