• Last TSA work session before Regionals is Saturday, February 15th from 9AM to 3PM
  • Pre sales for yearbooks will last through 2/14. Order yours in Room E102 or at www.balfour.com.
  • Boys & Girls Soccer Games every Tuesday & Friday! Tickets are only $2 each!!
  • CJA is selling Chick-fil-A! Cost is $6. You get a sandwich, chips and sweet tea on Valentine’s Day
  • SLC Sells Cookies Every Tuesday! 2 for $1

2019-2020 Staff

Alyiah Morales
Isabella Ortiz
Miraya Hernandez
Tate Keefer
Nicole Galan
Desiree Ortiz
Daisy Rodriguez
Samantha Noriega
Alexis Grimes
Daisy Gonzalez
Natalia Pantoja
Arwen Juarez
Carolina Garcia
Grayson Cantu
Isabelle Sitchon
Jafeth Estrada
Luis Sepulveda
Morghan Dixon
Kalen Tran
Nyla Carranza
Suki Feng
Victoria Manzanares
Onye Uhiara
Keturah Vaughn
Zach Freeze
Udonna Maduka
Jakayla Johnson
Magwyre Prahl
Del’Quan Gordon
Logan Loser
Mauri Stovall
Alicia Solis
Lizzy Curda