Is College Worth It?


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The percentage of students enrolling in college immediately following high school was 69.8% in 2016 and was 66.2% in the fall of 2019. But even though there are so many students enrolling in college, most come out with thousands in loan debt, no guaranteed job and a piece of paper to show for it all. Knowing this begs the question, is college really necessary?

Going to college doesn’t necessarily guarantee success, as the four years of rigorous studying could only leave you with just a piece of paper that tells you you’re special and nothing else. And, the statistics prove that, for example, found that approximately 53% of college students are unemployed or working in a job that has nothing to do with their degree or field.

In addition, most are left with student loan debt and no return on investment.
However, even with all of that, there is a proven benefit to going to college and the statistics show it as well. The federal bank of New York found that 27% of college graduates work in a field related to their major and APLU found that the average graduate is 24% more likely to be employed and earn $32,000 more than non-graduates and $1 million dollars over a lifetime.

Even without the studies there is also a variety of social proof:
(I interviewed family members due to being a virtual student)
Q: When you graduated or left college, did it ever help you get a job or get paid more?”
A: Yes, Although I never finished college the experience did help me get a decent salary and get a job.
Q: What were some of the pitfalls you faced in college and how did they affect your future?
A: Student Loan debt mostly.
Q: When you finished did you get a job immediately or did it take time?
A: I always kept a decent job so that was never an issue for me.

Interview 2
Q: When You Graduated or Left College did it ever help you get paid more?”
A: Yes
Q: Did you gain any extra knowledge or experience going to college?
A: Yes of Course, that is the point.
Q: In what ways has college benefited your future?
A: It has opened up many opportunities for me in the medical field.

Interview 3
Q: Did Going to college benefit you in any way?
A: Yes, the paper meant nothing, however the skills I learned along with my own practice has helped get better jobs.
Q: Was there anything that you learned that was useless?
A: The basic courses that they forced you to take did kind of help, but was ultimately useless in the long run.
Q: Can college help you in terms of salary increases?
A: Yes, it definitely helped me.

In conclusion, college is a gray area, you can gain great success or great downfalls from it, but although there are many advantages to it the odds can and will be against you.

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