A Silent Voice — Should I Watch?


Bullying is usually thought to be a matter just between two people: the bully and their
victim. A Silent Voice, a Japanese animated teen drama film released in 2016, delves deeper into
the matters of bullying, depicting it not just as a situation between two people, but a frenzy of
feelings filled with deeper meanings and consequences.
The story follows a young boy named Shoya Ishida, who meets a shy girl named Shoko
Nishimiya in sixth grade. When Shoko first introduces herself to the class on her first day of
school, Shoya doesn’t think much of her. However, when Shoko shows the class a notebook with
the words “I’m deaf” written on it, Shoya is completely shocked. After facing a past of isolation
and bullying, both Shoko and Shoya face conflicts with each other as they reconnect in their
high school years.
A Silent Voice is a gem in the animation industry, entrancing its audience with its
breathtaking visuals and thought-provoking scenes. The animation itself is absolutely stunning,
and was–at first–the reason why I decided to watch the movie in the first place. However, when
you begin watching it, you’ll realize that this movie is much more than its well-drawn graphics.
Although it may be in a different language, the emotions that you feel while you watch the film
are universal. It incorporates a feeling of relatability as it touches on topics such as mental
illness, self-loathing and forgiveness. It tugs at your heartstrings, causing those watching to cry
tears of joy and sadness at the same time.
A Silent Voice is a tear-jerker, so I recommend it to anyone who loves dramas. It can be
seen on Netflix, with English, Japanese and Spanish audios, along with various subtitles for its
viewers. I highly recommend watching it in Japanese with English subtitles, as the original voice
acting is very suitable to the characters and filled with lots of emotion.