Never Enough


The Colorguard students are some of the hardest working performers here at LCHS. Constant weekly rehearsals and contests days have the team working around the clock. “We get to the band hall, load the truck with our equipment, when we get to our destination we unload and change into our costumes. We have 2 sets of warm ups: body warm-up and equipment warm up. After all, of that we perform,”____ said.
With over a dozen members, the theme of this year’s show surrounds the theme of being popular and the rising popularity that comes with all the glory and fame.
“It went better than expected and we overall stayed together count wise,” Leslie Alvarez said. “We could improve moving together, counting out loud, and making sure to look up at the judges.”

“when we perform together I feel like it helps us form a stronger bond as a section and as peers. If we don’t get the score we wanted it only makes us want to work as a team better to improve our score for next time. When we watch shows together we bond about what we liked about a particular show and inspires us to look as good as they do.”