Meet Ezekiel Lopez


Ezekiel is a Lamar student born on January the second in 2002, in Richmond, Texas. He wants to study Stock Market in college so he takes math and business at school so he can learn how to invest to manage his own business. He likes to travel so he wants to study out of the state, traveling is another inspiration for studying Stock market, his options for right now are New York or Canada because in those places everything is business, and fast, so it’s easier, and more comfortable for him to learn.
“Canada is very calm, and the people are nice so it’s a pretty good option,” he said.
He’s going to do a lot of different side jobs because he likes to do a lot of things to get his money.
And because he loves to travel, whenever he has his business and accomplished his goals, he’s going to visit ALL THE WORLD. And also, he wants his family to never worry about money, like he never worried about it growing up, so he wants to help his family financially.
“I just want everyone around me to be happy and I want to stay humble no matter what happens in my life,” he said.
The real inspiration of all his goals, is to help his sister get out of something she is not guilty of, he wants to make justice for her sister so because of that he is not giving up.