Meet Clayton Padgett


Clayton Padgett has loved animals ever since he was a kid. From a young age he has always had an interest in taking care and raising various animals. “Ever since I was kid, I’ve loved to take care and play with animals. They are very interesting and have brought a lot of happiness in my life,” he said.
As Clayton began to grow up he became more involved in taking care of animals and even raised them. During freshman year of high school he entered FFA. “I have raised heifers, goats, and pigs. though it may be a lot of work, raising these animals, making sure they are well fed and aren’t sick, is not only an interesting task, but fun in a way,” he said. “Taking care of them and having them compete in show is also fun and I can be rewarded scholarships.
Clayton has spent countless hours caring for his animals and being a leader to the younger students. He has become an officer in FFA, from reporter to secretary to now president, he has proven to other that he can lead. “He brings leadership to FFA, he helps the underclassmen with tips for raising and taking care of his animals,” Naomi Boyer said.
As he leads, Clayton also tirelessly works to keep up his animals for the shows, he has participated in the Fort Bend County Fair and the Houston Rodeo. “Clayton is a very motivated member and it shows through his achievements how hard he has worked,” said Alyssa Fisher.
Because of his passion of animals Clayton hopes to attend Sam Houston University in Huntsville, Texas where he hopes to study animal genetics. “I cannot wait to achieve my degree and really create a change in the world of agricultural perspectives.”