Exploding Creativity


Nicole Galan, Contributer

The Art students are preparing for the Vase Competition. Everyone is so excited because they give you three weeks to fully work on your project and freedom to use the methods and materials you want. Even though is optional to participate, all the art students must do their projects. The only rule is everything you do and use as reference must be 100% yours.
One of the purposes is letting the students explode their creativity doing whatever they want to — as long as is school appropriate of course!
“I want to do an artwork about finding your own beauty,” said an art student.
Each art student must have a reason behind everything they do.
“I want to show everyone what the earth has to offer by drawing nature,” said an art student.
This week they started the rough draft to have a plan on what their final project is going to be like.
“I’m excited of how my final project is going to turn out because I know is going to be better than my rough draft,” said an art student.
The due date is February 8 and we can’t wait to see the results.