Bubble Tea- Is It Worth the Hype?


What started as a simple drink in Taiwan in the early 1980’s has transformed into a massive industry that provides consumers with any flavor of tea they can think of. When bubble tea was first created, it was simply milk and tea mixed together. As time went on, adding tapioca has become a staple of drinking boba tea. Tapioca are marble sized balls that can be made of starch, sweet potato, or even brown sugar.
The establishment I am going to be reviewing is Kung Fu Tea, which is located on Harlem road right off of 99. The second I walked in, I was greeted by the employees, and began looking at the menu. The categories of the drinks they have are tea, milk, coffee, juice, and slush. I ordered a medium mango slush for $4 (Large costs $5). The slush also contained fresh mango at the bottom which came with the drink at no extra cost. I also added tapioca which cost an extra 50 cents. Overall the drink was made very well, but the only part I wasn’t a fan of was the mango because it had a jelly-like consistency similar to canned fruit. Compared to other bubble tea locations, Kung Fu Tea has competitive prices, and even more competitive drinks.
Overall, I would rate my experience a 9/10 and I plan on being a frequent customer in the future