Art and Spanish Collide


Every Monday in Ms. Matura’s class there’s a Canvas activity. And this week the topic is Art.
“Every Monday Ms. Matura makes us watch a video of different topics and answer the questions in Spanish,” Imelda Arguera said.
This week’s video was about how people recycled trash into art.
“Monday’s video was about poor people in Paraguay that lived near a landfill and they looked up for trash they can use to make instruments,” she said.
That sounds so complicated, but they actually made instruments out of trash! Instruments that made the actual sound of a common instrument.
“In the video they said that the instruments cost more than their houses, and these people are going for their dreams making instruments with trash,” Imelda said.
It’s awesome when people don’t see boundaries with their dreams, so keep going. And if you want to learn other language than English, go for it!