StuCo Represents


Rebekah Alderfer

Student Council represents Lamar at the District Meeting.

On November 5th, LCHS Student Council attended a district meeting.
“So at first it’s basically like a large pep rally. Everybody’s screaming and doing chants and stuff, and then we have a guest speaker. Then we have a business meeting,” Madison Morris said.
The highlight of the meeting, for Madison, was the guest speaker.
“He’s really funny and what he was saying was really motivational,” she said.
Student Council has a lot of events coming up for school.
“So this month we’re going to do the turkey takeover that we always do annually with the teachers, and then next month we’re going to partner with CJA and Skills USA to do Lamarvelous,” Madison said.
“We’re going to help out underprivileged kids and give them a Christmas.”