Doing Good for Mercy Goods


Daisy Rodriguez

Zach and April Lambert accept a check for Mercy Goods from the dance teachers at Terry and Lamar.

Everyone knows about the Battle of the Berg game and how it went down, but what no one really knew is the good it accomplished behind the scenes. This year the Fillies decided to raise money for a local organization.

“Mercy Goods EXISTS to create employment opportunities. We are a social enterprise program of Attack Poverty. We do this by teaching students how to design and make handmade furniture and goods,” said April Lambert, co-founder of Mercy Goods.

The Fillies decided to donate all the money they raised by selling Battle of the Berg t-shirts to Mercy Goods.

“The check was turned to a point that I couldn’t see the amount. But I thought I saw $400 and told to my husband wow that’s amazing!” Ms. Lambert said.

She wasn’t expecting something like that at all, which took her by a shocking surprise.

“Mr. Lambert then tells me that the check had another 0 and it wasn’t $400 it was $4,000!” she said. “We were both freaking out.”

This year Terry and Lamar really put a lot of effort together selling as many t-shirts as they could sell for donating to a good cause.

“Wow! It isn’t just a $20 donation,” Ms. Lambert said.

Mrs. and Mr. Lambert were grateful for all the money that was raised and donated for Mercy Goods.