Senior Sign Off


Graduation is literally around the corner and the anxiousness and excitement is there. We have all been dreaming of this very moment since the very first day of freshman year. Where did the time go? It almost seems as if I was walking into school trying to figure out the building and where everything was and now I will never be a student at Lamar Consolidated High School again.

I feel that we will all go somewhere great in life and while some of us may never see each other again, I know our class will be memorable and we’ll always have had each other.

I asked two seniors this year how graduation will impact their lives and here’s what they had to say.

Senior Emilee Hernandez said she is furthering her education at WCJC and deciding on the major this summer. While she never really socialized with others at school, she said high school will definitely be missed and she will never forget it. Emilee liked to play volleyball, took Pre-AP and AP classes all throughout high school and managed to never give up. “I will look around at graduation and definitely remember that surreal moment.”

Nalani Paredes will be furthering her education at Texas A&M in San Antonio where she will pursue her lifelong dream. She was an athletic trainer at Lamar High School and had plenty of memories to cherish forever. She said she will definitely miss her teachers and classmates because even when she was feeling down, school made her sense of mood change and everything became better at that time. “It doesn’t feel real that we are all going to walk that stage and never be a high school student again for the rest of our lives, and while it sucks, I can’t wait to make memories in college and my life after that.”

I never was a big speaker or involved in high school and I regret it because I know I will never get high school twice, but I am also proud of myself for making it to this point when there was so much bad my first two years of high school. Life is hard at times and sometimes giving up seems like the best option, but pushing through is what means the most. I knew what mattered in that moment wouldn’t be worth giving up for the future I always wanted. Graduation will be a bittersweet moment and I will smile and look up the sky as I walk the stage Thursday night knowing I made my grandfather proud. High school will be missed but this future of mine will be something I’ve always deserved.