My New Life


From junior high school on up, we are told that high school won’t be the same, with rules being more upholding and teachers won’t be as lenient, but to me it never seemed that way all four years I went to high school.
As senior year started, I became more focused on after life of high school and more on what my future has in store for me. I have dreamt of going to Texas Tech University ever since my dad told me I wouldn’t be able to go to UCLA… no shocker. Nursing school isn’t meant for everyone, but something has always told me I was meant to do this, and I will stick by that. I love taking care of other people no matter what the case may be and for these people to know that if nobody else puts them first, I will.
While I toured the university, I of course got nervous because I realized that I will be all alone on this huge campus with nobody that I will know. I will leave my family eight hours behind, but something else told me that I would be okay. I will be able to mature and learn how to take care of myself as I am becoming a young adult. I will be able to carry myself in a way I have never before and be ready for the future I know will come after college is complete. While I am going to have to always be on task and always studying day by day and week by week, I know my hard work will pay off and I will look back and say I did it when nobody else believed in me.