Sweet Paris


Sweet Paris Creperie & Cafe is a not very well known café located in Sugar Land Town Square that opens from 8:00am till 9:00pm.

The place is very pretty from the outside and inside, their food is amazing as well. They sell many things from breakfast crepes to sweet crepes, savory crepes, waffles, eggs, salads, paninis, soups and they even have food for kids.

They give you a little Eiffel tower with a number hanging from it and a sign saying if the table has been cleaned or not since we still are in the middle of a pandemic.

“The food is really good, it’s just too much sweetness,” Jennifer Montes said.

A couple of my cousins, my sister and I went to Sweet Paris and ordered the same thing just with different fruit inside it. It was the Nutella crepe with strawberries or with strawberries and bananas with an Oreo milkshake at the beverage.

The sweet crepe we ordered had Nutella on the inside and you could order either strawberries or bananas on the inside. Whichever fruit you decide to go with has that same fruit on the outside. To top it off, they put whipped cream in front of the crepe with a mint leave and drizzled the plate with chocolate syrup and strawberry syrup to make the plate look presentable.

Sweet Paris is a bit pricey their prices range from $6.50 to $11.95, depending on what you get.

“I will for sure come back but just not get too much sweet things,” Yesenia Nunez said.

You can try Sweet Paris Creperie & Café yourself at 15911 City Walk Sugar Land, TX 77479, located in Sugar Land Town Square or you can visit their website SweetParis.com