The Pressure of Valentine’s


Valentine’s day is approaching fast, a day that is meant to be filled with love, chocolate, and quality time with loved ones. But, for some people, this day brings about stress. Stress about buying the right gift, or buying a gift at all.
“I personally don’t feel pressure towards buying gifts for Valentine’s Day just because I know that even if I don’t buy them anything they will still appreciate even a card,” Jose Jaquez said. “I genuinely like buying gifts for others, mainly because it makes me happy to see them happy.”
While not all people feel pressure to buy gifts, there can still be the issue of money. The expense of gifts can add up quickly. Especially with Valentine’s day coming right after Christmas and New Years.
“Yes, I have spent too much money,” said Jaquez. “But in the end money always comes back one way or another.”
There is an alternative to store bought gifts however, homemade gifts. Homemade gifts can be a good option for people when money is tight.
“Homemade gifts are definitely better,” said Jaquez. “They just have more sentiment and it shows your significant other that you spent your time on this gift.”
Gifts are marketed as a big part of Valentine’s day, the teddy bears, chocolate boxes and perfumes. But Valentines is the day of love, and love looks different for everyone.
“I enjoy that I get to spend a day appreciating someone,” said Daisy Rodriguez. “I love just a little more on that day.”