Wrestling Team 2021 with Coach Marsh


With the rise of the pandemic the coming times have proven to be uncertain and as part of the new restrictions put on our schools to ensure safety the school and the coaches have opted out of holding wrestling tryouts this school year.

“There currently are no tryouts this season, due to the pandemic, holding a wrestling tryout this year would prove to be difficult this year, so I opted to not hold one this year,” Wrestling Coach Marsh said.

Although students will not have to try out this year, the expectations for those on the wrestling team are still high, as they are expected to give it their all.

“The students that are on my team are expected to work. Wrestling is physically demanding sport for all those involved, and it takes the proper mindset to want to be a wrestler,” Coach Marsh said.

Overall, it looks to be that the team will be focused on being strong and capable to be able to continue to compete for state championships; however, students should still remember that wrestling is a bonus for effort put into academics.

“I would like to get through the season with a strong program that will continue to compete for state championships. Students and faculty should be proud to represent their wrestlers,” Coach Marsh said. “Always remember that you are a student first, wrestling is a reward for the hard work and effort you put into the classroom. I am a true believer in discipline equals freedom.”