Basketball with Aliyah Solis

Aliyah Solis is an 11th grader who plays on varsity basketball for her 3rd year. I chose to interview her because I have watched her play since her freshman year and I could almost read her faces throughout every game I watched. She would get down on herself and then pick herself right back up because she knew her team needed her. In order to win, a team should work together and put in the same effort, and Alyiah does her part.
Everyone has something in their life that makes them feel at peace or something they can do that’s stress-free, the thing that is stress-free for Aliyah is basketball. “Basketball has always been a part of my life since I was around the age of 9 years old, but didn’t start to be a daily thing until I was 12. I am so connected to basketball that if I go without playing for just one day, everything feels abnormal,” she said.
While the virus has ruined social lives and people aren’t as happy as they used to be when everything was normal, that hasn’t changed Aliyah’s love for her sport. “It is really weird as I look back at pictures from last year’s season because the bleachers were filled with people and you could see the excitement on everyone’s faces,” she said. “This year, tickets are limited and there can only be so many people. During the games, we have to wear masks and it can be really hard to breathe when you’re giving your all and sweating excessively.”
Luckily, some things always stay the same. “Not much has changed since last year honestly. We still talk amongst one another and make sure that everyone feels included in what is going on and when one isn’t doing well, we pick them right back up because that is what a team is for,” Aliyah said.
A team working together will always be great because they build each other up and by working together, everyone learns that wins and losses affect not just one, but all. That is how this team made it to playoffs, because they worked together and understood the way everyone handles things. “As a junior being on varsity and it being my 2nd year it feels amazing. I love the sport I play and knowing that me and my teammates made it this far together is special and something that the seniors can remember for their last year.”
The girls deserve making it this far to playoffs, especially with the Covid-19 and it proves that nothing can stand in the way of what you want if you are determined. “I just want everyone to know that while school may be different this year due to the virus, doing what you love to do can’t and won’t change anything if it means so much.”