Raising Cane’s- Yes, Please!


Raising Cane’s has been around since 1996, but it started getting extremely popular a couple of years ago, mostly from how good their food is and how unique their sauce is, as well as people comparing their chicken to other fast-food places.

The food was amazing as always.

The box combo came with 4 chicken fingers, one toast, fries, coleslaw, and cane’s signature sauce. Raising Cane’s is different from any other food place because of their signature sauce. It is a one of a kind and it is amazing. Their buttery toast goes so well with their chicken fingers and sauce. Especially since everything in Texas tastes so much better with a toast on the side. Their chicken is soft and not hard or crunchy. Raising Cane’s is like In-N- Out Burger, they do not have many options to choose from and all their options have similar things. But their food taste amazing. Depending on how many chicken fingers you want, will help you decide what combo you should get.

“I like Raising Cane’s way more than any other fast-food place,” said Jennifer Montes.

My sister really enjoyed their food and so did I. It will for sure be our go-to place when we cannot decide where to eat.

Raising Cane’s has 20 locations in Houston, but the ones in town are 10215 W Grand Pkwy S Richmond, TX 77407 or 1529 Highway 6 Sugar Land, TX 77478.