Why We Need More Breaks


Every person who goes to school spends half of their time counting down the days until their next school break.

Many students believe that we should have more breaks throughout the year because of how much time we spend going to school. Students get tired of having to go to school from Monday to Friday each week, for 8 hours and for about 9 months. Most states require between around 180 days (about 6 months) of school time or about 1,000 hours (about 1 and a half months) of educational time per school year.

After hearing how much time students spend at school it does seem like they should be given more school breaks. Especially knowing students are completely drained out from all the information they are given and doing all the work that is assigned for them to do. There are times students get tired of having to wake up as much as they know they must get up and go to school to learn something.

Even though it is difficult to adjust when coming back from a break. During a break students’ get more relaxed and less stressful. Once the break is over, they must force themselves from that mindset to making sure that any work they need to do is done.

However, breaks from school are helpful to students in many ways, from getting a break of school to being able to go out. Since during school days many students do not have time to go out because they are stuck at home trying to catch up with their homework so they will not get behind.

Schools and their education system allow students to increase their knowledge in their academic career and in many of the student’s adult life. In addition to that it does not mean that what a student learns in school is going to be the only kind of knowledge that they will need in their life. During these breaks’ students learn more about themselves and what they want to accomplish.