Top 5 Christmas Songs


Christmas season is approaching fast, and with that comes the enjoyment of Christmas music. Sitting around a cozy fire and by the bright lights of the Christmas tree, music playing lightly in the background, sounds like a great place to be. But what are some of the top Christmas songs to be listening to?
1. The Christmas Song By Nat King Cole is first on this list. Cole has a rich and full voice, and his lyrics give the listener a sense of coziness. It’s a Christmas classic, telling of the small moments that make Christmas, Christmas.
2. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) by Darlene Love, this song is a classic. This song appears in many Christmas movies and is very well known. Love has a powerful voice, and her song depicts the sometimes lonely feelings of the holiday season.
3. Last Christmas by Wham! comes in third place. This upbeat song gets everyone singing along, and in the holiday spirit. The song tells about experiencing both heartbreak and new love during the Christmas season.
4. All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey is yet another classic. With parodies, remakes and much more this song is wildly popular. Carey’s high notes add another level to the song and make it all the more fun to sing along to.
5. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by Frank Sinatra completes the list. This song offers a welcoming take, by wishing positivity on others during the season.
Christmas music brings together all the feelings of the season. Whether they’re sad, happy, nostalgic or romantic feelings, they can all be found in these songs. While these five songs are very few of the many, many Christmas songs, they are some of the most well known. These songs can remind people of happy memories, and the air of giving and cheer that seems to float around the holiday season.
To find songs similar to these, search Christmas songs on apps such as Spotify, Youtube, and Apple Music!