Jason Goes Virtual


As a freshman, he was not prepared for the changes of setting of academic learning that Covid-19 brought to Lamar High School. Of course, with the change of scenery comes with its disadvantages and benefits. Because of a global pandemic, Jason Gomez had a change in his daily life and had a unique change of setting from his average school.
“I wake up, I do homework, I eat breakfast. I go on my phone, I watch TV, I do school. And then I do school until I am done. And then I go to sleep and start the day over.”
With this change from normal to an unexpected shift in life, online school was another burden that effected Jason’s routine and health.
“Online school is horrible, and I barely leave my house. I had to go see the dermatologist. Because online school is so stressful. It’s making me break out,” he said. “So now when I wake up, I have a 50-step skincare routine in the morning. And I just stay home.”
With online school, comes the crucial courses. With Jason at home, he has the disadvantage for passing and understanding his classes without a teacher there to help him.
“Algebra and law enforcement, those are the most difficult for me right now,” he said. “I hate them so much, so stressful I want to drop out every day.”
Online school is quite annoying for Jason, but Jason’s laziness put him in a corner to decide which way of learning seems better.
“Online school, too stressful. Hate it, worse thing ever. But not as much as real school, or maybe it is but I’m just too lazy to go to real school.”
Even though Jason receives stress from online school, he does have one thing going for him that would still leave him to route for team online.“
I hate going to school. I hate waking up. First of all, I didn’t go to school one-time last year where I was early,” he said. “With online school I can wake up whenever I want so that’s the only good thing, so I prefer online.”
Although it may seem that staying at home during a pandemic comes with only negatives, Jason had some positive effects from being quarantined.
“Dude this will sound so weird, but I learned to sew. I sewed a pillowcase and a scrunchie,” he said. “Yo I’m going to sound like such an old person, but I started a garden.”
Quarantine may come with its share of negatives and positives, but Jason tries to deal with the outcomes with his best counterattacks possible towards the situations.