Lamar Wins the Battle of the Berg


Suki Feng

Lamar and Terry players shake hands after the game.

As the lights gleam down on the field, players sprint across the field, Terry close behind, Lamar scores!

Stanley Tucker, a wide receiver, punter, and field goal holder played in the Battle of the Berg on Friday the 13th. Tucker describes the game as a crazy day. “All week everyone was talking about the game and the alumni were encouraging us to win the game,” he said.  “To be able to blow them out felt great.”

Before the game, football players prepared for days and weeks, making sure the team would be at their sharpest. “We watched film every day during the week. The coaches had good game plans set on both sides of the ball; planned all week and went out and followed it during the game,” said Stanley. With preparation the whole team had the ability to beat Terry down and succeed.

The game was intense, players being tackled, sprinting for the end zone. Stanley along with the rest of the team were taught to deal with the pressure during the game. “We work on a drill during practice every day called the two-minute drill. We are put in a situation where we must score a touchdown in less than 2 minutes,” he said. “Before halftime, in the game we had less than two minutes to score a touchdown. I remember Ray Shawn Glover catching a screen pass and scoring before the half.” The crowd was wild, from booing to cheers Lamar felt the hype and pulled through.

Terry’s team fought for both the bell and the win. Tucker acknowledged Terry’s fight, “They put up a good fight. We were just too much for them to handle and they gave up in the second half.”

Lamar pulled through with the score of 56-28. The Blue Stampede did not only win but crushed the Battle of the Berg. “Winning the game felt good. We knew we were the better team, so our goal was to win the game with class. Accomplishing that goal felt better than anything,” said Tucker. Our Mighty Mustangs held the tradition of keeping the bell in the game of the year.