Bizarre New Music

We all are always looking for some new music in our lives, right? What about something really new?

I’m pretty sure most of us don’t listen to this kind of music (that’s why I am saying something really new), the genres are really odd, but odd doesn’t mean bad. Here is my review; the EP “Faces” by Carlos Bauer. Is a bizarre, pretty unusual but very interesting EP. Personally my favorite song is “A Different Path” you can experience the emotion of the song thanks to how he played with the piano “There is a lot of feeling in A Different Path, there is a story behind it,” said Carlos Bauer.  ALL the songs are pretty good, unique and he still found a way to make a cohesive EP.

“This year I had this goal to play a lot of gigs, but I couldn’t because of Coronavirus… so I had to change my goals a little bit,” said Carlos. Like many of us Carlos wanted to do his own things, but his plans took a turn and instead of having the free time to play live gigs, he had the time to release his own music. (thanks virus?)

Here’s a little video to know more about Carlos Bauer and his EP “Faces.” (feel free to look it up whatever platform you prefer)