Inside Hannah Baxter’s Rodeo Art

The Rodeo Art competition just recently started and LCHS students are working really hard on their artwork. The competition consists of having your own picture of something western and using it as a reference for your artwork. You then have the freedom to choose your colors, styles, techniques, or paints.

Since the competition already started, Hannah Baxter has already been working on her artwork. She joined because she wanted to show her different style of art since the artists that usually win are realistic. “I chose to compete in Rodeo Art to just put my style of art on a traditionally realistic contest,” she said.

Hannah Baxter

She sent me a picture of her artwork and explained her idea. “My piece has 4 cows. It’s pop-art style so all of them are different colors like Andy Warhol painting. I also turned the portraits into playing cards that have an R and A for Rodeo Art and the other 2 have 20 to signify the year,” she said.

Even though she felt like she couldn’t go that far, she still managed to pull a really good artwork. “I honestly get the whole you need to use a western photo, but you can make anything western. If I wanted to do an octopus wearing a cowboy hat and some cowboys boots that would be so cool, but it’s not fully southern,” she said.

Good luck Hannah! Keep being yourself.