Addicted to Basketball, Want Everything Back to NORMAL!

With the upcoming basketball season, things are going to be quite different due to the social distancing that needs to be made. Both boys and girls basketball teams are still going to need the same support they have been getting for the past years though, and we Mustangs can make it happen and let our teams know that they won’t be let down.

Sophomore Aliyah Solis, who plays for the girls varsity team says that she has been doing camp that started in early September. There are a lot of different procedures and there will be a limit on the tickets provided for each player, and according to her, these are things that can help get things back to normal.

Everyone needs to practice social distancing correctly and make sure that they follow all precautions. COVID-19 is not taken serious by some people and even think the disease could be a hoax. These are also the same people who want to attend sporting events or extra curriculars. The biggest concern is looking out for the safety of our players, staff and everyone in general.

Wearing your mask around your chin or reusing a dirty and damaged mask can also spread nose mucus and germs.If everyone wore a mask the correct way, which means covering your nose instead of only putting it over your mouth then it could help prevent the spread. People use the excuse as not being able to “breathe” right and end up doing what they want instead of following directions.

If everyone just followed everything that is issued to be done, then maybe everything could go back to normal for the most part. While the games still get to have some people come to watch them, nothing is better than having a full crowd to support you and your teammates.

Wear your mask, wash your hands as much as you can and always stay home if you know you have been exposed to the virus or near someone who has. We want our basketball team to start off their season right with all the support that is needed.