How Were Athletics Effected by COVID?


From wearing masks to no use of water fountains the Coronavirus pandemic has greatly impacted our way of life here at Lamar Consolidated High school. We’ve garnered several restrictions such as spaced out seating, constant hand sanitization and many more. However, it doesn’t stop there as school athletics have also been changed to suit our new circumstances.

Many of our sports teams have been doing things differently due to the pandemic in several ways. For example, in basketball physical contact has been restricted during practices. I spoke with varsity basketball player Zach Freeze.

Q: What has been different so far about athletics since the pandemic?
A: For basketball in particular, we haven’t been able to do as much physical drills and we have to wear a mask.

Lacy Justice told us tennis has similar safety restrictions, even though it is a sport that doesn’t involve much physical contact.
Q: How has tennis been regulated under our new circumstances?
A: We do have to wear a mask and social distance, but tennis doesn’t involve much physical contact so that really isn’t a problem.

Most of the other sports teams follow most if not all the new safety rules such as wear a mask and social distance and it really has helped people stay safe and healthy.