Imelda Causes Concern


This is a photo caption.

Thursday, September 19th was catastrophic for the northeast side of Houston. But here in Rosenberg, the effects weren’t felt until fourth period when the tropical depression shifted towards the southwest. Football players were soaked as they ran in from the field house. By sixth period, announcements were made to move cars in the front that were at risk of flooding. Some classrooms in the older part of the building experienced leaky roofs. We had no Internet. We had no phones. But the effect of Imelda was mostly felt in the “bubble” where parents were wrapped in lines to check their students out. By the time school let out, the storm had softened, and the few students who remained boarded buses to make it safely home.

The Mustangs thoughts go out to those who experienced much worse in our area. We understand your pain and hope you make a quick recovery.