Spirit in Your Heart, We’re Ready to Start!

The cheerleaders are back to cheering at the football games, with varsity cheering every Friday night at 7 p.m. and JV cheering at 5 pm.m. on Thursdays. It is quite different this football season due to the COVID-19, but that isn’t stopping them from doing what they are best at.

Freshman JV Cheerleader Emma Breimon gave us some insight into her first year as a cheerleader at Lamar High.

“I feel that in junior high, effort had to be put in of course, but being a part of the high school cheer team certainly involves more commitment and dedication,” she said.

More people go the Varsity games rather than the JV games because, for the most part, the 11th and 12th graders are a part of varsity, while JV has the underclassmen. The varsity players are known more as the “bulkier” and “stronger” players, so that is what the people want to come and see.

“I wish JV could cheer with Varsity but due to UIL rules, as a freshman, I can only cheer on JV my first year of high school,” Emma said. “I wanted to see what it would be like to cheer at the more “significant” games.”

The varsity cheerleaders have a lot more experience in high school and they know what they are expected to do, especially those that are seniors and juniors. If the JV cheerleaders need a guide through what to do at practice or a game, they can count on them.

“I get to watch the varsity cheerleaders and see how they communicate with one another and how they react when they are instructed what to do by Coach Ross,” she said. “I almost look up to them because I inspire to be as skillful as they are.”

Cheerleaders, football players, basketball players, and many more sports are almost looked at as if they shouldn’t make any mistakes, but making mistakes is a big part of life. If the work is put in strong and you are committed to what you do, you can be perfect in your eyes.

“One thing I strive for this school year is to do the best of my ability and to improve any mistakes I may make this year. I know in every sport, there is always faults in every player but like they say, practice makes perfect,” Emma said.

Being on the high school cheer squad teaches you how to have a lot of more confidence and time management. You become more mature and grow an incredible companionship with the girls on the team.

“I plan to be a cheerleader for all four years of high school and to make the best of it and the best of friends,” she said. I want to be there for my teammates and for them to know that I will put in all the attainment I can.”