Virtual Classes! Thanks virus?


The pandemic has brought lots of different changes and challenges for EVERYONE. It’s been pretty rough and because of it, our school, Lamar Consolidated, gave us the option to receive our classes face-to-face or virtual.
It can be a difficult decision. Some want to see their friends, take after school classes, or experience high school in general, but they have someone to protect in their homes or have to protect themselves. So, they have to choose virtual. There are also the cases of people who just happen to prefer virtual.
Either way, I think there are a lot of positive things in taking virtual classes.

We (virtual students) have been able to manage our time more in our favor. In school, you probably had free time in one period and on the next one needed more time to do everything! Now, we can take the time we need in each assignment. Taking breaks in between to help around the house, take care of our pets, cook for ourselves, or just to clear out our minds, then continue with our assignments. We have more freedom to learn about being responsible and managing our time. Also we have more options for jobs because of the schedules. This may help us with our independence.

We also have more time to try new things, find things we like, get to know ourselves and more. These new things that help us A LOT with our mental health and they make you feel so much better and happy.

Now let’s talk about virtual fashion! 😀 It’s kind of awesome not having to worry about your waist down. We can dress comfy or dress really nice. We can change during the day. We can literally go from wearing a dress, to our most comfy outfit. We have more liberty and less worrying about other people or dress code. So let’s have our hoodies on!!!

Even though we know there are negative things, we have a lot of things in our favor, and realizing that can help us get through this. So, you see, being virtual isn’t all that bad.